Can’t choose between bingo or slots? With Slingo, you don’t have to! This great game, available now at Avenger Slots, combines all the fun of the slot reels with the thrill of online bingo, so you get the best of both worlds. Spin the reels to collect numbers for your bingo card, with plenty of bonus symbols to pick up along the way. Fill the card for a Slingo full house, which will catapult you up the leaderboard - and help you gain real cash prizes!

How Slingo works

The Slingo play screen consists of two key elements - the bingo card, and the slot reel. There are five columns to each, with 75 numbers in play. Players have 20 spins in which to try and complete their card, and they also build up Slingo points along the way. These points determine their position on the Slingo leaderboard. This is a single player game, but with multiplayer elements. Though the game is played alone, many players are taking part at the same time - and you must compete with them for the best score if you want to win a prize!

Slingo symbols

The basic rules are that players collect numbers on the slot reels, and then check these numbers off on their Slingo card. However, there are additional symbols which can change the game completely, and boost the chances of winning. These are as follows:

  • Joker - a wild symbol that can be placed anywhere on the corresponding reel
  • Super Joker - a special wild symbol that can go anywhere on the board
  • Gold Coin - boosts the Slingo score
  • Devil - reduces the Slingo score by half
  • Angel - reverses the Devil symbol and restores the score

Slingo rules

There is a timer in play during spins and number matches, so make sure you act quickly to grab your numbers and tick off your matches. The game will not let you spin again until all matching numbers have been found - but you can lose a spin if you take too long.

The first 16 spins are free. After this, there are four optional spins available which can be purchased using your Slingo score. Each extra spin increases in cost by 500 coins, but offer a chance to fill the whole card - it is up to the player whether to pay or pass on each spin. A full house on a Slingo card will raise your score and make a win much more likely; however, reducing your score will set the odds against you, so gamble wisely!

Slingo variants

If you love the look and feel of Slingo Classic, and want something extra from your bingo-slots experience, you should also check out the other games in the Slingo collection. 

There are no less than 12 versions of the original Slingo game, each with its own additional rules, features and symbols. From doubling up on Slingo cards to throwing in extra wilds and free spins, these enhanced Slingo titles are all part of the same series and offer the authentic Slingo experience you now know and love.

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